Team Spirit

„You cannot tie a knot with one hand“

This Asian proverb gets to the heart of our teamwork. HKM is an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, economists, sociologists, computer scientists and arts scholars that grows continuously.

  • Team spirit means that the skills of the team members blend into a perfect overall picture. Everyone gets a feel of his contribution to success.
  • Team spirit means „knowledge-sharing“: HKM-knowledge is accessible for all at all times. New insights are actively communicated inside the team.
  • Team spirit means „fun at work“. Good team spirit is essential to master challenging projects with commitment and passion.

our clients know:
If you choose HKM you can rest assured that „everything goes according to plan“

1985: The company was founded by Hartmut Keller. His approach: HKM opens doors. Through fieldwork for American and British market research institutes HKM provides valuable information on the German market in order to support international companies effectively in their marketing activities.

2006: saw the business takeover by Thomas Braun. HKM becomes an international market research and consulting company. The fulfilled claim: A project only went well if it has given our clients an effective stimulus for improvement measures.

One thing has not changed over the entire 30 years. We are not satisfied with the usual but go: „beyond the norm“.