Concept & Product tests

Fine tuning for your products!

HKM offers special clinic concepts for all phases of project planning, launch, and use. The main focus is in the automotive sector, but these concepts are also ideally suited for other products.

our speciality for many years:

  • How do needs and requirements in society develop?
  • Does our new design line catch on? Which design direction is more promising?
  • Does this vehicle shape have a future?
  • Who is the target audience for this model? Who are our competitors?
  • Which specific benefit does this new product offer?
  • Our promise: Identifying the emotions that your new product causes in the respondents.

  • Will our new model assert itself in the (current) competition?
  • Which design components are the highlights of our model? What do we have to improve?
  • What does the optimal interior look like?
  • Which features can enhance our model further?
  • Who is the target audience for this model? Who are our competitors?
  • Which specific benefit does this new product offer?
  • In what price range can we be competitive?
  • Our promise: Standardized rating among all competitors.

  • The first real test: How competitive are we with the new model?
  • What are the strengths we need to emphasize in our communication?
  • Promotion: What should our general communication strategy look like (messages, media, target groups, ...)?
  • Pricing: What market potential we can achieve with what price?
  • What equipment packages and additional options do we have to offer which target group?
  • Optimization of equipment packages and feature prices with the Car Configurator Plus
  • Marketing planning
  • SWOT analysis in comparison with competitors
  • Our promise: Find the ideal product package for every target market.

  • How does our model perform in a real test by our customers?
  • How are new features perceived?
  • What are our advantages (and disadvantages) over the competition?
  • Which vehicle characteristics can our dealers highlight credibly as particular strengths?
  • Standardized evaluation of individual test parameters (e.g. steering, braking, noise, ...)
  • Our promise: Standardized rating among all test parameters even under different conditions.

  • What experiences have customers had with their car?
  • What do we need to improve in the next generation of vehicles?
  • What does the customer think about planned innovations?
  • What features/ functions are better solved in competitor models?
  • Our promise: Systematic analysis of in-depth interviews also in large numbers.

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