Strategic market analysis

Market Deep Dive!

In the automotive sector HKM is a specialist in the analysis of cross-vendor studies such as NCBS, NVBS, IACS. In addition to the automated report generation for a variety of countries and vehicle segments we prepare far-reaching result interpretations to derive priorities for action.

you need:

  • e.g. Market share and customer migration analyses
  • Customer structures by (socio-) demographic characteristics, attitude-based segmentation, lifestyle typologies or
  • business styles (segmentation of business target groups), and life-phase segmentation
  • Customer Experience: e.g. Satisfaction measurements in purchase and service processes, critical incident analyses, analysis of the 'moments of delight'
  • e.g. Analysis of the buying process (purchase reasons, information sources, alternative considerations), product usage, customer history
  • Reference value analyses (willingness to recommend), customer loyalty, cross-selling potentials
  • For extensive international studies HKM has developed automated reporting systems that create custom reports per country, per distributor, per segment, etc. in a very short time.

    Strategic Market Analysis

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    HKM Business Styles

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