HKM Configurator Plus

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HKM Configurator Plus

Many products (e.g. technical products, cars) have become very complex due to a variety of optional and alternative features. Modern customers expect to be able to configure their individual products ... at an acceptable price.

More individualization also means more complexity – in the decision of customers and in the production processes of producers.

Where is the right balance between standardization and individualization? The offer of individual features or entire feature packages?

The HKM Car Configurator Plus answers these questions. It simulates and optimizes your product configuration.

our tool – your benefit:
  • Customer behavior realistically simulated: Respondents put together their desired product with a configurator like the ones on manufacturer websites. Thus, the test is much more realistic than using conventional market research tools like e.g. conjoint analysis.
  • Clarity and completeness: Even complex product configurations can be tested. Tests are supported by images and additional feature explanations.
  • Derivation of optimal prices and price-sales functions
  • Financing and leasing calculator

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