Customer Experience

Highlights for your valuable customers.

„Traditional“ Customer Experience:

The focus is on the customer

In all operational procedures applies „placing the focus on the customer“ and to use all available information „around the customer“ in the customer's interest („360 degree method“).

Customer Experience 2.0:

Customer delight in the digital age

Buying behavior has changed significantly in the digital age. The number of possible customer contact points has risen considerably. Websites, social media, and newsletters are taken for granted.

The goal is to continue to identify customer needs, not only to meet, but to exceed them. The chances have become more diverse, the risks of failure, however, also.

hkm's focus areas:

„Loyal customers are the most profitable customers“ – this has always been a core message of marketing. This contrasts with the hybrid customer – open to new ideas, open to many a spontaneous decision. Brand loyalty is not always popular here.

HKM makes the intensity of customer loyalty visible and points out measures for an active Customer Relationship Management.

Mere satisfaction is not enough – only the special satisfaction counts! Why are 75% of all car buyers very satisfied with their car, but only 50% opt again for the same brand?

HKM makes differentiated measurements of customer experiences at all critical touch points. Learn about all the processes and services that have the potential to inspire customers or, in the case of non-fulfilment, have the effect of customer losses (hygiene factors that must be met in any case).

Very often, products and services have already a very high level of quality. Nevertheless, in order to generate real USP's, it is important not to provide good average but Best Practice.

HKM delivers not just benchmarks, but also concrete Best Practice examples. Find out in which areas you are already a leader and what improvements will take you even further.

Active recommendation is a free key to success. For example, for every 6th car buyer recommendations from friends and acquaintances a decisive factor for purchase.
Focus your energy on processes that have effective impact on customer behavior. Concentrate on those customers that offer your company a reasonable return on investment.

HKM establishes the link between customer experience, resultant customer behavior and customer value.

Customers want variety. They change the brand not because they are dissatisfied, but from the pure desire to try something new.
Customer needs and requirements vary according to life stage. The kids are out of the house – why continue to drive a van?

HKM goes beyond the touch points and makes the motivations of the „variety seeking“ visible and needs of individual life stages transparent.


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