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Strong brands – valuable brands?

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What are brands worth in the huge market place? Do they offer the desired orientation? Is there still such a thing as lifelong brand loyalty?

Sometimes stingy, sometimes wasteful. Sometimes hesitant, sometimes spontaneous. Sometimes following habit, sometimes open to new ideas. Is the consumer behavior of hybrid customers even explainable? Consumer behavior today is often spontaneous, unpredictable, and irrational. Sought-after is whatever appeals at the time.

HKM shows you that this behavior is explainable:

Findings of neuromarketing show that customers only strive for one thing: their personal reward. We measure this reward: With concepts and images we find out what reward values are triggered in the human brain by brands, products, and related communication activities.
Product tests do not exist for us only for the functional - and rational - assessment of the product but we also look at what reward they trigger.

Innovation Research:

Test and impulses for the conception of new products and services.

User Experience:

Further develop and optimize innovative products specifically so that they can develop their full potential for success.

Reward Value Analysis:

Make the real reward values of your products, your services and your brand visible and controllable.

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